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As Southeast Asia’s leading data centre hub, Singapore accounts for more than 60% of the region’s data centre market; forming an integral core of Singapore’s Smart Nation infrastructure. Extremely energy-intensive, over 50% of a data centre’s operating cost goes towards its electricity usage – making data centres a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Many data centres that are currently in the middle of their lifespan have been designed and constructed without sustainability and energy conservation plans in mind.

ENGIE is committed to partner businesses to boost data centre energy efficiencies for better cost savings; conserve resources for greater sustainability and reduce carbon emissions for positive climate change management.

Gain up to 30% energy efficiency savings
Achieve industry
recognition and credibility for environmental consciousness

Increase competitive
edge with long-term
energy efficiencies

Avril Digital Support Services

As an accredited energy service company (ESCO) with the National Environment Agency (NEA), we have the key delivery capabilities and expertise in energy and environmental management to continually align your data centre to Singapore Green Standards’ regulatory requirements while reducing operational costs.

Data Centre Asset & Energy Assessment Services

Data Centre Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Assessment Services

Singapore Standard for Green Data Centres SS 564 : 2013 Certification Support Services

Mark for Data
Centres Certification Support Services

Data Centre Green
Mark Gap Analysis Services

Data Centre
Performance Services

Set Baseline and Targets

Guided by ENGIE data centre experts and Singapore certified energy
managers, we assess your data centre’s physical infrastructure to identify issues
that compromise availability, increase energy consumption and lower operational efficiencies.

Optimise and Improve Performance

Focused on achieving the greatest impact to operational efficiencies, energy performance and cost savings, we recommend areas for optimisation and improvement that enable you to make well-informed decisions. Quick win measures are also determined to increase your data centre’s effectiveness in attaining PUE 2.2.

Green Data Centre Certification Consultancy

We work with you to establish an energy and environmental management system and policy. This provides your data centre with a recognised Plan-Do-Check-Act continual improvement framework aimed at improving energy efficiencies. We also support and facilitate your data centre’s needs when undergoing the Singapore Standard for Green Data Centres (SS 564 : 2013) / BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres certification audit.

Condition Monitoring with Advanced Data Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics with machine learning algorithms, we actively detect performance shortfalls to improve system efficiencies at any stage of your data centre’s lifecycle. Your data centre’s performance metrics are delivered on custom reports and dashboards aligned with the Singapore Standard for Green Data Centres (SS 564 : 2013) / BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres.

Continual Improvement Programme

ENGIE data centre experts ensure key characteristics of data centre operations are monitored, measured and analysed. This is done through continuous coaching and recommendation on areas for improvement to meet your data centre’s performance targets.

Singapore Green Data Centre Standards

The BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres encourages the adoption of energy efficient design, operation and management.

Learn more on BCA Website.

The Singapore Standard for Green Data Centres (SS564 : 2013) helps data centres establish systems and processes to improve energy efficiencies. It also defines a set of performance metrics to track and benchmark their performance for improvement.

Learn more on IMDA Website.


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