Reduce Data Centre Costs And Make Your Data Centre A Dynamic Business Enabler


Take the step forward to reach a new level of operational excellence. Achieve faster response time, gain sharper visibility, and scale with greater agility to support growing business demands.

With the trend towards high-density computing, managing the interdependency between data centre power consumption, cooling, space, and other physical infrastructure resources has become increasingly complex. Data centre managers are under immense pressure to provide the right physical infrastructure support for increased computing capacity — while keeping data centre operational cost in check.

Reducing data centre cost and optimising your budget demands that you look into areas of operational inefficiencies such as over-provision of power and cooling, insufficient plan for future requirements, an inaccurate forecast of power load and more. If left unheeded, poor management of a data centre can lead to operational inefficiencies and downtime translating to an average cost of US$8,851 per minute.

ENGIE makes it possible to scale with greater operational agility and responsiveness to act in sync with the fast-moving business demands. Through advanced analytics with machine learning and accredited data centre experts working together seamlessly to take the guesswork out of optimising data centre performance and reducing operational cost.

Data-driven actionable insights are then delivered through systematic consultative review where complex information are analysed and explained by ENGIE’s data centre experts with corrective actions and proactive improvements. Prioritising these fact-based improvement recommendations with a qualified set of technical solutions and estimated cost empowers you to make effective decisions; from maximizing reliability and uptime, to increasing energy efficiency and extending equipment lifespan.

With your data centre performance as our top priority, we offer a true partnership in orchestrating the performance of your data centre operations — keeping up with future demands while reducing ongoing data centre operational cost by up to 50% and maintaining optimised systems. ENGIE’s accredited data centre experts relieve you of the heavy load from managing day-to-day operations, so you can now focus on strategic projects that support your business goals with peace of mind.

Gain actionable insights, lower operational cost and make smarter decisions with confidence.


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