Maximise The Returns Of
Data Centre Asset Investment


Make the switch from reactive to predictive asset management strategies and drive measurable and immediate results to your bottom line.

Ageing data centre assets lead to increased operational complexities, higher maintenance and energy cost. While expenses related to facilities’ and equipment maintenance are obvious, the hidden maintenance costs within these key assets are often overlooked by data centre managers that can directly impact your bottom line.

Managing optimal asset performance accounts for more than single equipment or system. It includes understanding the value of an asset, the data centre operational risk associated with each asset’s potential failure, and the cost to maintain that asset to support your business objectives.

ENGIE’s predictive asset management strategies through advanced analytics with machine learning and accredited data centre experts work together seamlessly to reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures. Advanced pattern recognition for equipment condition monitoring is applied to continuously learn an asset’s unique operating behaviour in real-time. Deviation from the analytical models equips ENGIE data centre experts to proactively identify underperforming assets, detect equipment problems and performance degradation days, weeks or months before they significantly impact operations. Unscheduled downtime can be reduced through early warning notifications of developing issues.

With vast industry knowledge and experience, ENGIE’s data centre experts carry out the analysis and deliver valuable actionable insights to help you understand the significance of the problem. Situational guidance and recommendations are delivered to enable you to make smarter decisions that improve asset reliability, extend equipment life and increase asset utilisation. We support your existing data centre team to maximises value from existing asset investments and gain the highest return on investment throughout its entire lifecycle.

Reclaim underutilised assets, build right-size capacities, and effect changes that maximise value from your assets.


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