Attain The Highest Level Of Data Centre Availability With Zero Downtime


Gain the speed to detect anomalies, anticipate operational threats, and resolve issues that need immediate attention before they escalate into costly problems.

Maintaining a constantly available and reliable data centre is critical to support today’s business demands. Data centres fail for a multitude of reasons, including human errors, equipment failures and environmental issues. Unbalanced electrical loads, defective equipment, and irregular environmental temperatures are just some of the common threats to data centre availability.

The negative consequences of unplanned data centre outages can lead to significant loss of credibility, profitability, and productivity. In many cases, any data centre downtime also results in data losses and corrupt systems, pushing the cost of recovery even higher.

While the existing siloed monitoring tools such as Data Centre Infrastructure Management software (DCIM), Building Management Systems (BMS), or other stand-alone fault monitoring are currently being used, they are pre-configured static fault alerts that provide notifications only after the fault has happened. Such reactive ‘fire-fighting’ approaches are resource-intensive, they can potentially add on more errors, inefficiencies and wasted time.

ENGIE takes on a new, proactive and predictive approach in preventing operational and equipment issues by looking for early signs of problems or threats through the collective power of advanced analytics with machine learning. Sophisticated predictive algorithms are used to detect unseen anomalies and anticipate operational threats by recognising patterns, learning relationships, and uncovering insights hidden within vast equipment performance data sets in milliseconds what would take days for humans to accomplish.

ENGIE’s accredited data centre experts investigate these unknown threats and swiftly initiate the right actions to mitigate risk. Fact-based underlying causes are determined with corrective action to empower you to make proactive, data-driven decisions.

Having ENGIE’s vigilant and insightful eyes on your data centre operations complements your in-house team’s existing capabilities to improve the health and performance of your data centres while reducing downtime.

Act now to eradicate problems and reduce the risk of critical incidents and unplanned data centre outages.

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