Orchestrating The Performance of
Tomorrow’s Data Centres


Through a forward-thinking partnership, Avril Digital Support Services are engineered to bring data centres to life with advanced digital technologies and proven domain expertise. Transforming the way decisions are made, resources are allocated and data centres are operated, we are empowering you to respond quickly to changing business needs.

As innovation drivers, ENGIE orchestrates the performance of data centres – turning them into “strategic business enablers” that will support businesses in a dynamic, ever-evolving marketplace.


Enabling Agility with Advanced Digital Technologies

Leveraging Avril Digital Support Services’ smarter data centre operations, ENGIE empowers
data centre leaders to respond with greater agility to modern data centre challenges.

Illustration - Enable Agility with Advanced Digital Technologies by Avril Digital Support Services - ENGIE Singapore

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Avril Digital Support Services

Our expert capabilities are tailored to equip your data centre for the changing business demands of tomorrow.

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Accelerate Your Data Centre Ambitions

We innovate your data centre operations using advanced analytics with machine learning and expert guidance; striking the right balance between speed and efficiency. With your data centre’s performance as our top priority, we relieve you of the heavy load from managing its day-to-day operations. This effectively frees up your time and gives you peace of mind to focus on strategic initiatives that accelerate your data centre ambitions.

Break The Silo With Actionable Insights

By analysing millions of data points continuously across multi-vendor data centre systems, ENGIE data centre experts can gain accurate, powerful insights into your data centre operations within seconds. Actionable data-driven, fact-based recommendations are delivered at the right time; empowering you to make better informed critical decisions to achieve predictable operational outcomes and cost reductions.

Detect Threats Sooner

Sophisticated predictive algorithms with machine learning capabilities detect unseen anomalies and anticipate operational threats that need immediate attention before they escalate into costly problems.

ENGIE data centre experts initiate the right actions swiftly to prevent unplanned downtime. New analytics rules are continuously established to ensure critical assets and systems are monitored and protected from emerging threats – driving more available data centres with zero downtime.

Eliminate Recurring Problems

Going deep to analyse site-specific critical faults, ENGIE data centre experts can pinpoint their underlying causes; recommending corrective and preventive actions to avert a future recurrence.

Balance Performance Vs Cost

Through dynamic condition-based monitoring, ENGIE data centre experts proactively detect performance degradation and system inefficiencies. We enable a predictable method of maximising your data centre assets’ value, extending the life of your equipment and increasing operational efficiency to reduce costs.

Ensure Change Is For The Better

With clear data centre performance targets, we inculcate a culture of continuous improvement that effectively manages performance shortfalls, improves system efficiencies and cost savings at any stage of your data centre’s lifecycle.

Real-Time Operational Insights At Your Fingertips

Accessing an easy-to-use, intuitive and interactive cloud-based customer portal, you will always have real-time visibility of your data centre equipment’s health and performance. We help you make sense of the information with reports and data analysis highlighting key operating metrics; enabling you to actively participate in your data centre operations’ work streams.

Unlock The Possibilities Of Data Centre Performance Outcomes


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